Richard Song Custom Furniture

Richard Song

As a licensed architect and seasoned senior designer, Richard Song has been designing buildings and furniture for 30 years. 

Taking a year off from Williams College where he majored in Studio Art, Richard worked at Seoul Arts Complex Masterplan Task Force in Korea in 1983, and at the industrial design studio of Jesse Marsh in Milan, Italy, in 1984.  In 1987 and 1988, he worked for Shin Takamatsu Architect in Kyoto, Japan.  After receiving his Master of Architecture from Yale University School of Architecture in 1990, he returned to Korea to research Traditional Korean Architecture, and worked as a field architect for Petexbatun Maya Archaeology Project in Dos Pilas, Guatemala. 

In 1996 Richard took a sabbatical from Renzo Zecchetto Architects to design and make custom furniture in Taos, NM.  In 1997 he was sent to Santiago, Chile, to oversee construction of 3 custom homes that included extensive custom cabinets that he had built in Taos with his partners. 

After designing numerous residential and institutional projects with Renzo Zecchetto Architects, Steinberg Architects, JZMK Partners, and GKK Works over the past 2 decades, Richard recently started to make furniture for his California Bungalow home (c. 1923) in the historic Belmont Heights neighborhood in Long Beach, CA.  Using environmentally friendly materials (bamboo for indoor and composite decking for outdoor), his furniture designs blend many influences from his experiences abroad in Asia, Europe and Latin America, his propensity towards contemporary design, and the traditional qualities of his California Bungalow home. 

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