Richard Song Custom Furniture

Eco-Minimalist Bamboo Furniture

Using environmentally friendly materials, our custom furniture features clean, elegant lines that fit into both contemporary and traditional settings.  Using sustainable bamboo for indoor furniture and composite decking for outdoor pieces, our furniture is both ecological and economical, minimizing waste to less than 5%.  Our designs always strive to strike the balance between blending in and standing out. 

"Built Gallery" features a dozen pieces that have been made.  If you like a piece, we could make another for you in a material and size of your choice.  "Design Gallery" features another dozen design ideas that have yet to be made.  If you like one of these pieces, we would work with you to refine the design and make it to your specific needs.  However coming from an architectural background, we prefer to design a site specific piece for you and your home.  Through email, telephone, photographs and visits (you to us and we to you), we would start a design dialogue to create a new piece of furniture together.  This process readily applies remotely as well - you could email us photos of your environment and preferences and we would send you a series of design images. 

Bamboo is grass.

Is Bamboo furniture wood?